Why Dreaming Big is Part of God’s Plan for You

God gives us dreaming hearts because He wants us to accomplish things.”  – Walk with God

Do you believe that?

I’m not too sure that I did.

I’m the one who would ask God to make my dreams come true in a rather hushed, nearly muted, voice just in case it wasn’t appropriate to pray for something big.  Is it right to ask for more, I wondered, when God already gave something huge in the gift of His Son?  I know that He is an uncommonly gracious God but is it okay to ask Him for things that are jaw-droppingly good?

Our God is the Creator of Big Dreams

Scripture is chock-full of people who dreamed big.  Dreams that were God inspired and dreams, once fulfilled, brought Him glory.  In my reading, I’ve discovered that God placed big dreams into the heart and soul of many beloved figures.  Let’s take a look at two from the Old Testament:


Joseph, of the “coat of many colors” fame, dreamed of greatness.  He was the apple of his father’s eye; an irritant to his brothers.  Joseph’s dreams were gargantuan in size.  I mean it doesn’t get much bigger than when you tell your siblings that “the sun, the moon, and the eleven stars bowed down to me.” – Genesis 37:9

As unlikely as it may have seemed that Joseph’s family would eventually bow down to him, it did come to pass after he was made ruler over Egypt.

Takeaway:  When God plants a dream in your heart, others may not believe you.  They won’t understand your passion in pursuing the dream especially if it doesn’t immediately come to pass.  No worries.  Trust and obey God’s calling anyway.  The accomplishment of dreams often takes time.


Daniel was a man of deep faith and one of God’s most trusted servants.  He was zealous in his pursuit to obey God’s will.  Through a series of dreams, and the interpretation of those dreams [both his and others], God used him to shape history.

Takeaway:  If my dream is aligned with God’s will, its future impact knows no boundaries.

Dreams Are Just the Beginning

The dream that the Lord has placed in your heart is only the beginning.  Many dreams will rot on the vine unless…unless…they are acted upon.  If you believe that God has set a vision in your heart, if the fulfillment of it will bring Him glory, then you must pursue it.  Don’t be lazy in your attempt.  Grab God’s right hand and get moving!  He’s waiting for you to accomplish great things for Him.

Dream BIG, dear friends, for nothing is impossible for God.

Be a blessing,



Author: Bev Santini

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