Tipping the Scales to Joy

illustration_tnanks_joy_smallThe Ridiculously Simple Secret for Tipping the Scales to Joy


Doesn’t it seem like we were just stuffing ourselves into oblivion on Thanksgiving? Now, here we are a few days away from celebrating Christmas. In all the hustle & bustle of gift buying, crowd maneuvering, and baking, I found time to be still a few moments to think about the meaning of these two holidays…one is about “thanks” and the other is about “joy.”


I don’t believe it is mere coincidence that one precedes the other. Thanks…how I love that word. It is an expression of gratefulness, appreciativeness, and praise. It means so much to the person who is the recipient of that acknowledgement as well as the person who utters it.


I do believe that our joy is in direct proportion to our giving thanks. We all want that feeling of pure delight, gladness, and satisfaction that all is well with the world even when it isn’t…especially when it isn’t.


Divulging the Secret


I’ve noticed that throughout Scripture people offered thanks to God and some, no many, did so in spite of dire circumstances. We’ve all experienced ghastly situations. We’ve lost jobs, suffered the death of loved ones, or endured sickness. Who in their right mind would be thankful for that? That’s why a passage in 1 Thessalonians makes sense to me. It says to


“Give thanks in all circumstances.” ~ 1 Thessalonians 5:18


As you may know, I marvel at small things. Here, the smallest word is critical…it’s the word in. We are to give thanks in all circumstances, which to me, doesn’t necessarily mean that I have to be thankful for all of the circumstances that come to pass. See the difference? In those trying times, I can give thanks to God that He is with me, that He cares for me, and that His love will never fail!


Please understand that I’m not belittling whatever you may be going through. Indeed, I’ve experienced job loss, death of loved ones, and a bout with cancer. I know it isn’t easy to give thanks while in those situations but I do know that it is possible. Would you like to try?


“Father, you’ve asked me to give thanks in all circumstances. It’s not easy while going through [name your predicament] but I thank You for being with me, for sustaining me, and for embracing me in Your loving arms.”


Would you like to tip the scales in favor of joy? You know what to do…I hope you’ll try.





Author: Bev Santini

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