Why Would You Ever Want to Declare Bankruptcy?

Let’s not pussyfoot around it.

Declaring bankruptcy can be a blemish on your character.

Filing for bankruptcy is a legal lifeline for those drowning in debt.  Sometimes it’s due to events beyond your control such as a major health crisis that isn’t covered by insurance. But, more often than not, it’s because people spend more money than they make without any consideration of the long-term consequences.  No matter the cause, completing the bankruptcy process must be scary, discouraging, and humiliating.

In essence, it’s admitting you need help getting out of a hole you dug for yourself.

Why I Declared Bankruptcy

Hold on.  I’m talking about spiritual bankruptcy.

Years ago, I realized that I was spiritually depleted.   I was living my life doing exactly as I pleased without any thought of future outcomes.  I was happily immersed in “me, myself, and I;” however, my soul was “low in cotton” (woeful) as we say in the South.  I was ready, no I needed, to make a declaration.

The Good News – The Debt Has Already Been Paid

We are all sinners.  Each transgression is another IOU.  After a while, the stack of iniquities gets larger and larger until we are overwhelmed by the sheer weight of our indebtedness.  Our debt is so high there is no way we can pay it off by ourselves.

The good news is that God’s grace is sufficient.  Because of His everlasting love for us, God the Father sent His Son, Jesus, to pay a debt He didn’t owe.  Jesus went to the cross with my sins, your sins, etched in His heart.  By His death and resurrection, we were redeemed.  The sin debt was paid in full.

He gave His life to purchase freedom for everyone.  1 Timothy 2:6a NLT

Accept the Payment

Back in the late 50’s, there was a television show, The Millionaire.  An unseen benefactor, John Tipton, would hand over a million dollar check each week to his assistant, Michael Anthony, to give to an unsuspecting recipient with just one or two stipulations.  If they agreed, he’d hand over the check and leave by saying, “the taxes have already been paid.”

I don’t remember a single person rejecting the gift.

Your sin debt has been paid, dear friends.  Have you accepted the gift or are you still mired in the miseries of spiritual bankruptcy?

You’ve been offered an eternal lifeline.  I pray you take it firmly in hand.

Be a blessing,


Author: Bev Santini

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