3 Little Words-Claim the Power


Are you utilizing the power of these 3 little words?

Jesus loves me. Son of God. Lord and Savior.

Time is short. Against all hope. The Lord reigns.

Do not worry. Bread of Life. God’s abundant provision.

I am thirsty. But take heart. He is alive.

King of kings. Lord of lords. One True God.

You are forgiven. Grace and peace. Thy kingdom come.

Praise the Lord. Do not conform. Don’t be misled.

Live by faith. Not by sight. Christ loved us.

Love your neighbor. Serve the Lord. Live in harmony.

Advance the gospel. Spirit of truth. Word of God.

Show proper respect. Honor the King. Confess our sins.

Here I am. Open the door. Come, Lord Jesus.

Whatever is true, Whatever is noble, Whatever is right,

Whatever is pure, Whatever is lovely, Whatever is admirable,

Put into practice.

Jesus is Lord!

Be joyful always. And be thankful. He saved us.

Three little words. Claim the power!


Author: Bev Santini

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