Running Away from God? He’s asking, “Where Are You?”

Two children hiding behind a treeDid you ever play the game Hide ‘N Seek when you were a kid?  We often did in our neighborhood especially on those long, hot summer nights.  To me, it was always more fun to “hide” than to seek. Occasionally, the seeker would give up and begrudgingly ask… “Where are you?”

A few of our biblical ancestors also played the “hide & seek” game but with dire consequences.  After biting into the apple, Adam & Eve’s eyes were opened and they realized they were naked.  They grabbed the nearest fig leaves and stitched up some clothing before running off to hide behind the trees as they heard God walking toward them in the garden. (my paraphrase of Genesis 3:6-8).


The Lord God called to the man…WHERE ARE YOU?” ~ Genesis 3:9


Certainly God knew where they were.  He does, after all, know all things.  I think it was a way for Adam (man) to acknowledge his sin before God…confessing what he & Eve had done.  Can you imagine what it must have been like to literally hear God asking “where are you?”  In a small way, I can.

What I learned from a 5-year old

Years ago, I visited my best friend and her family.  At the time, their 5 year old daughter was attached at the hip to me…so much so that her mom and I barely had any time together while she was awake.  Don’t get me wrong…I loved it then and I love it now because, even though she’s in college, we still share that precious bond.

On that particular weekend,  my little friend and I were involved in some ‘princess’ activity when I took a moment to step into the kitchen for something to drink.  Her mom was there and we were trying to sneak in a moment’s conversation when I heard this small, faint voice calling from the living room…”Bev, where are you?  Bev, I need you.  Bev, I want you.”

At that very moment two things came to mind.  First, I was utterly amazed how God had used this young child as an instrument to get my attention.  Second, I thought how often He had whispered those same words to me.   He does want me, He does need me for Kingdom work, and he does, on occasion, have to search for me…therefore asking…Bev, where are you?

I don’t think I’m alone in this.  At least, I hope I’m not.  Are you playing hide & seek with God?  He’s seeking…He’s asking…”Where are you?”



Author: Bev Santini

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