Does Anyone Really Listen Anymore?

I mean really, really listen.listen_article

How often do you see people having dinner at a nice restaurant, sitting across from their loved ones, and there’s NO conversation…nada…zero…zip.  Shy maybe; tired perhaps but most have their heads down while doing the national thumb dance on their digital devices.  They aren’t listening!

As someone who majored in Journalism, I was taught to ask a question and then be quiet while awaiting the response.  Ok, I know that’s old school…way back in another era when journalists weren’t seeking superstar status themselves.  It drives me bonkers when someone asks a question and everyone on the panel tries to answer all at once.  They talk over each other.  No one’s voice can be heard.

It does beg the question, does anyone really listen anymore?

Plain and simple, I have some friends who don’t.

I love them.  I would go to the mat for them but, honestly, they’re so busy talking about their own lives that they forget someone else is standing right in front of them.  Bless their heart (a favorite Southern, passive-aggressive expression for idiot). They didn’t even ask how I was doing!

I believe in the saying, “there’s a reason God gave us two ears and one mouth.”  Listen more, talk less. Have bigger ears, a smaller mouth.

This morning I was feeling pretty smug in the listening department.  I’ve long been told that I’m a good listener. Complete strangers tell me their life story for some inexplicable reason.  But today, during morning devotion, I got called out by God.

Evidently, I’m a blabber-mouth when I pray.  Not long after I start speaking with God, I find myself bouncing all over the place in the conversation.  Often times I have to stop for a moment just to remember what the point of my petition was about in the first place.

This morning, I said everything that was on my mind. I stopped talking.  Things got quiet…eerily quiet.  After a few seconds, I had the audacity to ask God if He had anything He wanted me to hear.  Really, Bev?  Bless your heart!

I realized that my listening skills, especially as they pertain to God, need drastic improvement.  It might behoove me to be quiet, giving Him an opportunity to be heard above the noise before launching into my wants.  Maybe something like this:

“Speak, Lord, for your servant is listening.” ~ 1 Samuel 3:9

As expected, God did have something to say.  Something so personal, so promising, so loving…something I would have missed entirely if I hadn’t been listening. I needed to hear Him… I so want to hear Him.  How ‘bout you?

Be a blessing,


Author: Bev Santini

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